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Training & Development Philosophy

Cooperative Training Initiative (CTI)



St. Catherine’s Center for Children is committed to providing opportunities for professional development as a means of communicating best practices throughout the agency to foster continuous improvement of agency services provided to clients.  

  St. Catherine’s Training Program

  • Enhances the knowledge, skills and abilities of agency personnel

  • Ensures that personnel are appropriately qualified to assume their responsibilities

  • Promotes awareness of, and sensitivity to, cultural background

The training program includes specific expectations regarding the training required of personnel in different positions. 

St. Catherine’s offers opportunities for personnel to fulfill the continuing education requirements of their respective positions.  The agency also encourages training necessary for employees to help them advance within the organization and/or their profession. Opportunities exist for each employee to attend at least one or more job related training per year.  

Training & Development Philosophy 


The Training & Professional Development Department offers several in-service trainings each month. In addition, the director of the program notifies department managers of upcoming trainings in the community, and helps employees seek funding to attend these trainings. The department also encourages agency employees to try out their presentation skills, and accepts proposals from agency employees who are interested in conducting training for the agency.


St. Catherine’s conducts on-going analysis of the training program’s effectiveness, and individual and departmental training needs through the completion of training evaluation forms, Continuous Quality Improvement reviews and an annual analysis of the program.

For more information regarding the training program, contact:

Bea Sluszka,
Director of Training & Professional  Development
518-453-6703 or

Or write to:  

Training & Professional Development
40 North Main Avenue
Albany, NY  12203
Protect the Environment - Donate Used Electronics and Jewelry
St. Catherine’s Center for Children is conducting a recycling fundraiser. There’s nothing to buy. We are simply asking you to protect the environment by donating your used consumer electronics and unwanted, broken or mismatched jewelry. Your used item(s) may be tax deductible and will be recycled in accordance with EPA regulations. 100% of the proceeds will help fund the Don Smith Training and Professional Development Fund.*

We are currently collecting the following items:

Cell Phones, Laptop Computers, Inkjet Cartridges, MP3 Players,
Digital Cameras, Digital Video Cameras, Handheld Game Systems,
GPS Devices, Radar Detectors Electronic Book Readers Gold,
Silver & Platinum Jewelry.

Please drop off any items you would like to recycle at: St. Catherine’s Center for Children, 4th Floor, 40 North Main Ave., Albany, NY 12203. If you would like to arrange a pick-up, please contact Joan Bender at 518-453-6765 or

*The Don Smith Training and Professional Development Fund is used to send St. Catherine’s staff members to training and continuing education courses and to bring guest speakers to the agency. Providing care and services to children and families who have experienced great trauma and loss can be challenging work. St. Catherine’s works hard to keep up with the ever changing best practice standards in the mental health, medical health, educational and counseling fields, so that we can provide top quality services to the children and families who come to us for help. 

Click for more information on Cell Phone, Laptop,

 Gold & Silver Jewelry Recycling Fundraiser