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Dear Friends:

Thank you for visiting us! We hope you enjoy browsing our website and learning more about our agency and mission. Our commitment to serving children and families is as strong today as it was when the agency was founded in 1886.

As you will learn when you navigate this site, St. Catherine’s Center for Children provides a comprehensive range of human services for hundreds of children and families throughout New York State. Serving their needs is a never-ending challenge, but we are fortunate to have a staff of more than 200 professionals deeply committed to the mission of St. Catherine’s. They serve with patience, faith and dedication. We believe our staff is second to none in the field of human services in the Capital Region.

Working with our staff, supporting us in ways large and small, are the volunteers who serve on St. Catherine’s board of directors. Our board members are respected leaders in the community who represent a broad range of professions and fields of accomplishment. The families and children we serve benefit greatly from the experience and enthusiasm they bring to St. Catherine’s.

Of course, our work is possible only because of the friends and neighbors who remain committed to our mission. We—and the whole family of St. Catherine’s—will always be grateful for their efforts on our behalf. Their continued support gives us optimism as we look to the years ahead.

Once again, enjoy your visit to St. Catherine’s website. For whatever reason you’ve come here– to learn about job opportunities, to look into giving opportunities, or simply to learn more about us—we’re happy to have you. Please feel free to contact our office of Community Relations at (518) 453-6716 if you need more assistance. And have a great day!


William T. Gettman, Jr.

Executive Director