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     The Foundation of St. Catherine’s Center for Children is committed to raising funds to

support programs for children who are abused, neglected, homeless and/or mentally ill as a

result of their early childhood traumas. This year over 1,000 children and families will benefit

from St. Catherine’s services, and while funding from state and local government will cover the

most basic cost of care for each child and family, it is the Foundation, through the support

of philanthropic individuals and organizations, that provides the funding for all of the things

that will help make a child feel special and loved while in our care. 


Ways of Giving

   Donors wishing to contribute to St. Catherine’s Center for Children can do so in a number of ways–

they can give cash, write a check, or charge on a credit card; they can donate gifts of stock or other appreciated assets; they can contribute through a workplace campaign using payroll deductions;

or they can contribute in-kind gifts such as professional services or toys and clothing for the children. 

Cash is the easiest way to contribute to the Foundation, and we accept either checks or credit card

payments. In addition, donors wishing to provide for the long-term financial success of

St. Catherine's might consider any one of a number of planned giving vehicles.


·    Gifts of Cash: Cash gifts are the easiest way to contribute to the Foundation, and we accept

either checks or credit card payments. We can even set up automatic credit card donations on a

monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis. Simply print the pledge card and mail it

back to the Foundation at the address listed at the bottom of the page.


·      Donating Used Items:  St. Catherine’s Center for Children accepts both new and gently used items. New items for children and families appear on our wish list, which is updated quarterly. These items, such as baby formula and diapers, are always in demand. If you wish to donate gently used items of clothing, furniture, or other items you no longer need, please call us at 453-6757. Unlike other organizations that sell used items, St. Catherine’s does not have extensive storage. We must immediately match donated items with children and families. If we can use your donations, we will set up a delivery time. If not, we will let you know so you can make a donation to another deserving organization. Thank you!


·   Appreciated securities:  Gifts of appreciated securities are easily accepted by the Foundation

and have a double benefit to the donor. Donors who contribute stocks that they have held for

longer than one year and that have increased in value since they were purchased are entitled to

claim a federal tax deduction based on the fair market value of the stock on the date of the gift.

In addition, by contributing a gift of appreciated securities donors will avoid paying capital gains

taxes on the stocks that have been donated. 


·        Workplace Giving:  St. Catherine's Center for Children participates in a number of workplace

giving programs, including United Way, Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), and State Employees Federated Appeal (SEFA). If your office participates in one of these campaigns, please be sure to complete a pledge form in the fall and designate St. Catherine's Center for Children as the recipient

of your donation.  Our campaign numbers are as follows: 

United Way Donor Designations:  CFC:  50052     SEFA: 5000303


·        Planned Gifts: Planned gifts are generally sizable gifts to not-for-profit organizations that come

from a donor’s assets. These gifts are carefully thought out and often require the expertise of a lawyer and an accountant. Because planned gifts are gifts of a donor’s assets, they are typically deferred gifts – gifts that are arranged now but are fulfilled at some other time. Depending on the type of planned

giving vehicle that a donor chooses there can be significant tax advantages to the donor and possibly

his heirs. Types of planned giving vehicles include, but are not limited to, bequests, charitable

remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, charitable gift annuities, life insurance and retirement plans.  Depending upon a donor’s personal needs in planning his estate, planned gifts can be carefully crafted

to suit his needs while at the same time benefiting a not-for-profit organization. Please contact the Development Office at 453-6756 for more information.


·    Matching Gifts:  Many companies are committed to supporting their communities, and

one way they do that is by matching gifts that their employees make to eligible not-for-profit organizations. This means that a donor’s gift could go twice as far. In order for a donor to be

eligible for a matching gift from his company, he must first see if his company participates in a

corporate gift matching program. Donors can get this information through the human resources department at their companies.