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If you would like to donate a gift to St. Catherine's Center for Children, please use our

 printable pledge card.


Contributions to the Foundation of St. Catherine’s Center for Children can be either restricted or unrestricted.  An unrestricted gift is one that St.  Catherine's Center for Children will use wherever

the need is greatest. A restricted gift is one that must be used solely for the purpose that the donor intends, for example funding a special project or a building campaign. Donors wishing to restrict a gift for a specific purpose should make their intentions clear when making a charitable contribution.


       Annual Fund: The Annual Fund is the cornerstone of all charitable giving for St. Catherine's Center for Children. Annual fund contributions are disbursed to the Agency annually to be used in the programs where there is the greatest need.


       Special events: Throughout the year the Foundation hosts special events. Special events enable the Foundation to raise funds in support of the programs and services offered by St. Catherine’s as well as make new friends in the community.


      Tribute Gifts:  Tribute gifts enable the donor to remember a loved one or honor a friend or family member while supporting the efforts of St. Catherine’s Center for Children. The Foundation will gladly send a letter of acknowledgment to the family of the deceased or to the individual that is being honored by a tribute contribution.


     Restricted Gifts: Occasionally donors may wish to support a specific program or project. In those instances the Foundation will restrict the contribution at the donor’s request. Donors are encouraged to contact the Development Office at 453-6756 to discuss a restricted gift.

Restricted Funds

The R. & E. May School Fund (Day Treatment)
The Day Treatment Program at the R. & E. May School provides an integrated set of educational and mental health services to school age youngsters. The major aim of the program is to enhance a child's academic, social/emotional and life skills; skills necessary to cope effectively with a neighborhood school program and the larger community. Gifts designated to our Day Treatment Program have funded visiting storytellers, musicians, field trips, and most recently the formation of a Boy Scout Troop and 4-H Club.
The Library Fund
The Library at the R. & E. May School, dedicated in honor of Sister Dorothy Copson, is a special haven for the children to enjoy books, learn to read and expand their horizons. Gifts to the Library Fund are used to acquire educational videos, computer programs and to maintain and replenish our collection of books.
Foster Care Program
St. Catherine's Therapeutic Family Program is comprised of Family Based Treatment for children 5 to 18 years of age who are experiencing emotional problems that have or could result in hospitalization --and -- Specialized Foster Care for children from birth to 18 years of age who are abused, neglected and/or emotionally disturbed.
The Foster Family Respite Care Fund
This fund is designed to allot respite care dollars to foster parents who need time away from home or specialized babysitting services. Established in 1998, gifts to the Respite Care Fund enable each family in the Program to have 3 days of respite for each child in their care. The donors to this particular fund have come to be known as the "Caring Hearts".
The Holiday Fund

Contributions to the Holiday Fund are used throughout the year to celebrate children's birthdays, provide Easter Baskets and fund special activities and entertainment at Thanksgiving and Christmas time.  

The Residential Program Fund
The children who live in St. Catherine's Residential programs present complex problems which in part relate to a family history of abuse and/or neglect. Gifts designated to this Fund help to insure that each child living in Group Residence or one of our four Group Homes is provided with a safe, caring environment that meets their individual, specialized needs.
The Prevention Program Fund
The Prevention Program strives to equip families at risk with new skills in parenting with focused services for the entire family unit. Gift support helps to provide equipment, supplies and training materials for the children and families services throughout the Program.
The Marillac Family Shelter Fund
The Marillac Family Shelter offers transitional and emergency housing for homeless families in the Capital Region. The needs of homeless families, especially with children, are immediate and many. Gifts to the Marillac Fund assist in offering guidance, support and the basic necessities needed to re-build lives and gain a renewed sense of independence.
The Donald Smith Professional Education and Training Fund
This fund enables staff  to pursue educational opportunities, attend seminars, workshops and training sessions. Gifts designated for education and training help to bridge the gap between limited budgetary dollars and the need for staff to maintain and expand their professional expertise.