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Marillac Homeless Family Program

St. Catherine's Marillac Family Shelter offers an emergency housing program for homeless families in the Capital Region. After meeting the initial need for shelter, the program staff assist families in securing long-term housing suitable to their needs. Along the path to locating permanent housing, staff focus on the development of independent living skills and serve as guides toward family empowerment. 
Marillac consists of 24, individually maintained apartment-style units in three buildings at the shelter facility.  Each family is assigned their own unit. A fourth building houses the administrative offices, child care/recreation area, pantry and the agency's maintenance department. The following services are provided:
  • Health care                                   
  • Case management                                                         
  • Child care
  • Recreation
  • Transportation
  • Aftercare case management
A homeless family, defined as of one or more adults and one or more children, can be referred to the program. All families living at Marillac are referred by Homeless & Traveler's Aid Society. They can be reached at (518) 463-2124.
General Information:
Mailing Address and Service Location:    195 Washington Ave. Ext., Albany, NY 12205
Telephone Number:  (518) 869-1960                                       Fax Number:  (518) 869-3046
Hours and Days:   24 hours a day, seven days a week. 
For More Information About This Program:
Contact the Director of Marillac at (518) 869-1960.

What is the ARCH Program?

 The ARCH Program is located at 231 Sherman Street in Albany. The goal of the program is to provide supportive staff and a safe, welcoming environment for parents and families as they make the move from homeless shelters to their own homes back in the community.

There are two essential service areas in the ARCH Program. Eligible families may use one or both of these service areas. They are:

1)  Trauma Counseling: A trauma counselor provides group and individual trauma counseling, and medication when required.

2)  Family Care Coordination: Family care coordinators, or case managers, support trauma services and provide guidance on housing, employment, medical and legal issues, and other practical matters such as keeping appointments.


What are the eligibility requirements of the ARCH Program?

 To use the services offered by the ARCH Program, you must:

 Have at least one child in your custody

 Have reported a trauma and have some remaining symptoms of it (we can help you figure this out if you are unsure)

 Have a desire to use our services to help you overcome obstacles to returning home after a stay in a homeless shelter 

You may also be asked to help us better understand if our program is helpful by participating in interviews (for which you will be paid). Interviews are voluntary. You do not have to do them to participate in our services.


How long do I need to be involved in the program? 

For as little or as long as you need to be, but about nine months should be helpful to let you meet your goals. 

What is the first step?  Who can I contact with questions?

 Let shelter staff know you are interested in participating in the ARCH Program. 
You can also contact any of the following offices by calling 427-5097.

SPARC Care Coordinator: Ext. 16
Case Management Supervisor: 
Ext. 21
Trauma Specialists:
  Ext. 20
Case Managers:
 Ext. 11 or 14
Fax number: