No. St. Catherine’s offers programs and services for children and their families.

No. St. Catherine’s Center for Children was founded by the Roman Catholic Daughters of Charity in 1886, but today is a publicly funded, not-for-profit human services agency. The Bishop of Albany serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors at St. Catherine’s, but the agency is a distinct entity, separate from the Diocese. St. Catherine’s is licensed to operate through New York State and local regulatory bodies and agencies.

St. Catherine’s is a non-profit agency. Routine operating expenses are funded on a per diem rate set by state and local governments. Funding for some programs may also come from federal programs. The source of the funding depends upon the service offered. St. Catherine’s Marillac homeless shelter, for instance, is funded through Albany County. St. Catherine’s has also received funding for homeless services from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The R & E May School is funded by both the New York State Education Department and New York’s Office of Mental Health. Residential and community-based services are funded by counties that refer clients for services.

St. Catherine’s Center for Children relies on support from the private sector to supplement public funding. That support takes three forms: cash donations, in-kind gifts and services (toys, clothing, etc) and volunteerism.  Private, charitable donations from individuals, businesses, corporations, and foundations support special activities and opportunities, including summer camp, art and music lessons, that children might not otherwise receive.  In-kind gifts and volunteer work are also gratefully accepted.

To make online donations, simply click the Donations link under our Get Involved page. Checks can be mailed to: The Foundation of St. Catherine’s Center for Children, 40 North Main Avenue, Albany, NY, 12203-9462.

St. Catherine’s is a 501c(3) not-for-profit organization. Gifts are tax deductible in accordance with state and federal law.

St. Catherine’s does accept a limited amount of gently used items. Call 518-453-6756 to learn more.

St.  Catherine’s has a number of volunteer opportunities. Those opportunities vary, from small projects that can be completed in a few hours to ongoing commitments that may last longer. Volunteer opportunities depend  on the needs of the agency and the desires of the volunteer.  Volunteer opportunities range from wrapping gifts at Christmas to hosting birthday parties for children to completing room renovations. E-mail volunteer@st-cath.org to learn more. Volunteers may be asked to fill out applications providing background information.

St. Catherine’s children have troubled histories that may be reflected in behaviors which are difficult to manage. They require a high level of care from professional caregivers, counselors and trained therapists. Volunteers may interact with children in the presence of staff, but are never asked to work directly with children in one-on-one situations.

St. Catherine’s offers a comprehensive array of human services for children and families facing one or more of the following challenges: abuse, neglect, homelessness, behavioral or emotional challenges, learning difficulties, or other struggles that may threaten family stability. Children and families receive referrals for services from third party sources such as local departments of social services, committees on special education, housing and homeless services agencies, and other entities that identify the social service needs of children and families.

Typically, St. Catherine’s services reach about 1,000 children and 500 families every year.

St. Catherine’s Center for Children is a regional human services provider. Last year, we provided services for children and families in 17 counties, 18 school districts, and 31 cities, towns and villages throughout New York State.