St. Catherine's mascot, SCCCrappy, running the annual 5K Running SCCCared Road Race at the Crossings of Colonie Park

What is a community? It is a group of people with common interests. A community shares resources and solves problems. Since 1886,  St. Catherine’s Center for Children has worked hard to improve the lives of children and families. We’ve come a long way since our days as an orphanage, growing to become a leading Capital Region provider of human services. We haven’t done it alone! Throughout our history, St. Catherine’s has partnered with friends and like-minded groups and organizations to build better lives for children and families.

Would you like to become an active member of St. Catherine’s community of friends? Whether you want to donate, volunteer your time and talent, attend a fundraising event, or even become a foster parent, we welcome your participation. Read on to learn more about the ways you can get involved with St. Catherine’s Center for Children.  Photo: Jill Peck Vona

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