Three children carrying backpacks walking to school

At St. Catherine's, we receive many inquiries about specific gifts for our children and families. Below is a list of items we are always looking for to provide to our kids, as well as a suggested donation price for the item.

2021 Wish List for

St. Catherine's Center for Children 

Gift /Donation





Birthday Gift Card


A child can choose their own birthday gift


25 books

Residential Library

25 books


Emergency Meal – Family of Four

Community-based Services

Provide a meal for a family


Therapeutic Toys and Games

Play Therapy



Family Night Out

Community-based Services/Marillac Homeless Family Shelter

Dinner and movie


Welcome a Newborn

Community-based Services/Marillac Homeless Family Shelter

Diapers, formula, blankets, clothes


Child’s Birthday

Residential/Community-based Services

Gift and Party


Backpack and School Supplies

All Programs

Needed all year long but critical need when school starts


Expressive Arts Therapy

Residential/Marillac Homeless Family Shelter

Art Supplies


Foster Child Emergency Admission Kit

Therapeutic Foster Care Program

Clothes, hygiene items, school supplies


Infant Furnishings

Community-based Services/Marillac Homeless Family Shelter/Foster Care

Purchase items needed for safe babies – a high chair, a car seat, a Pack-and-Play, a stroller


Sponsor a Child’s Camp supplies

All Programs

Bathing suit, water shoes, towel, sneekers, sunscreen, snacks


Sponsor a Cub Scout in Troop 30

R&E May School Cub Scout Troop 30

The scouts come from families who are unable to afford dues, much less uniforms.


Sponsor a Child at Summer Camp

All Programs



Plant a Tree and Honor a Friend

All Programs

Tree will be planted in the garden surrounding the Helen M. Hayes Courtyard.


Child’s Bedroom Makeover


Personalized bedding, curtains, paint and wall decorations


Courtyard Bench

All programs

Bench will be installed in the garden surrounding the Helen M. Hayes Courtyard. And at the Copson facility.


Engraved Brick

All Programs

Brick will be installed in the garden surrounding the Helen M. Hayes Courtyard


New furniture Homeless Family Shelter Unit

Marillac Homeless Family Shelter

Refurnish one of 24 Shelter Units


Family YMCA Membership

Community-based Services

Keep the Children off the streets and provide family activities


Sponsor a homeless person’s transition to permanent housing

Project HOST – healthy Outcomes and Supported Transitions

Stock a new home with household items, kitchenware, linens, food, cleaning supplies, small appliances.


Outdoor Summer Activity Equipment

Marillac Homeless Family Shelter

Balls, Badminton,


Family Reunification Package

Residential/ Foster Care

Underwrite the expense of a reunified family’s travel expenses and a reunion retreat