Bob Crevatas and his real estate team donating hundreds of toys to St. Catherine's during the holidays


St. Catherine’s Center for Children is a non-profit human services agency. Routine operating expenses are funded on a per diem rate set by state and local governments. But how do we pay for those special things that a child in our care might not otherwise enjoy? Through private donations from our special friends. 

St. Catherine’s Center for Children relies on support from the private sector to supplement public funding. Private, charitable donations from individuals, businesses, corporations, and foundations support special activities and opportunities, including camp, summer outings and educational trips, that bring special meaning to the life of a child.  Our donors help support activities that give a child happy memories that will last a lifetime.St. Catherine’s is a 501c(3) not-for-profit organization. Gifts are tax deductible in accordance with state and federal law.For more information,contact St.Catherine's Annual Giving Officer, Nick Francella at 518-453-6702, or e-mail nfrancella@st-cath.org