St. Catherine's R&E May School staff together at the start of a new year


St. Catherine's Center for Children offers a range of internships for undergraduate and graduate students in accredited academic programs requiring field experience. Students currently enrolled in a degree program from a variety of majors and backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

As a leading Capital Region provider of human services, St. Catherine's Center for Children offers an array of intern opportunities in fields including, but not limited to, social work, special education, and children's mental health. With a family homeless shelter, a special eduation elementary school, a residential facility for children ages 5-13, and an array of prevention programs, internship opportunities exist in a variety of locations that offer exciting opportunities for personal growth.  

All interns work closely with St. Catherine's staff, under the direction of specialists in their field, to get the most from their experience.

Want to learn more about internship opportunities at St. Catherine's Center for Children? Contact our Director of Human Resources, Gayle Trivellato, via e-mail at gtrivellato@st-cath.org.