A St. Catherine's volunteer that participated in the Room Makeover for the kids program

At  St. Catherine’s Center for Children, we understand that many people want to become personally involved in serving others, and that means volunteering. That’s why we offer our Makeovers for Kids! program. Makeovers for Kids! is designed for businesses, service organizations, civic groups, and even families and individuals. If you want to make a difference, you can help!

Classrooms in our school, bedrooms in our residential facilities, and family units in our homeless shelter require ongoing improvements and upgrades. Our goal is to provide our youth with visually attractive and up-to-date facilities that engages them and promotes growth and self-esteem. 

Painting, landscaping, carpentry...every skill counts! We are looking for volunteers willing to adopt a classroom, bedroom, common area, entrance, kitchen area, or backyard. Volunteers can paint, hang displays, put new furniture together, or decorate. Participants in Makeovers for Kids! are asked to sponsor a room or project with the  donation of cash, building materials, and labor.

Many organizations plan volunteer activities during the year. If your firm, club, student group or neighborhood organization is looking for a meaningful way to support a worthy cause, keep Makeovers for Kids! in mind.

Makeovers for Kids! offers a great team-building experience for your firm or group. Our project team will work with you to design an appropriate project to match all sponsorship and skill levels. If you are interested in participating, please feel free to contact us to begin the planning process today!