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OMH Alert -- Fraudulent Website

The Office of Mental Health has been advised of a fraudulent, and potentially illegal, website that offers to direct internet users to mental health services in their community.

While the website does list legitimate facilities and services, it uses a false toll-free telephone number that connects users to a center that collects financial and personal data as well as protected health information from callers.  In at least one instance, the center advised a caller that there were no services available in their region, and attempted to steer the caller to a service provider in Florida.

OMH is pursuing this matter with law enforcement and we ask that you advise your clients and others. For people seeking mental health services, OMH’s Mental Health Program Directory is a trustworthy source.

St. Catherine’s is not affiliated with the NYS OMH site but has been made aware of its potential impact to our staff, clients and those in the community who rely on mental health services from OMH.

If you believe you have been a victim of this or any fraudulent or illegal website, please contact your local sheriff’s office and report it as a crime.

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