St. Catherine's Center for Children's newest program is Michael's House,  a 20-unit supportive housing apartment complex in Albany that houses both families and single adults. 

What is Supportive Housing, and why is it important?

Supportive Housing provides a stable and affordable housing option for vulnerable persons who may be homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless. Occupants will not only enjoy a safe and affordable place to live, but they will also receive supportive or “wrap-around” services from St. Catherine's staff.

Those services will link tenants to a wide range of community services and support programs for which they may be eligible. From coordinating health care and counseling services to offering employment assistance, Michael's House helps tenants live with autonomy and dignity.

The project represents a collaborative effort between St. Catherine’s and state and local entities that share a common vision. Albany County donated land for the building. A capital grant from New York State's Homeless Housing and Assistance Program (HHAP)—through the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance—is funding construction. And of course, we have received support from our friends and donors.

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