A student at our R&E May School working on a science experiment

Every child should be able to attend school in an environment that offers the greatest opportunity for success.  St. Catherine’s R & E May School is a day treatment program that serves elementary school students with behavioral and special educational needs that cannot be met in a traditional school setting. Each student entering the program undergoes an individual assessment to determine his or her needs.

The R & E May School staff—consisting of special education teachers, mental health professionals, and social workers and clinicians—then develops a comprehensive education plan tailored to meet the needs of each student.  The school works closely with the child's family and home school district, helping the student develop the skills, attitudes, and knowledge necessary to successfully return to a traditional school environment.

For all residential, group home, foster care and day treatment referrals or inquires please reach out to Centralized Intake Coordinator, Colleen Chera at 518-396-0981 or via e-mail at Cchera@st-cath.org.

Find below the R&E May School's Reopening Plan. Beginning July 6, 2021, the R&E May School will be returning to a fully in-person learning model.

Download R&E May School Reopening Plan_ Revised August 2021.pdf


Find below the R&E May School's Calendar for the 2021-22 school year:

Download 2021-2022 School Calendar.pdf


Find below St. Catherine's Center for Children's Wellness Policy:

Download St Catherines_ Wellness Policy_2019.pdf