When a child is removed from the care of his or her parents or guardians, that child not only needs a safe place to live, but also requires special care. St. Catherine’s residential program provides treatment for children, ages five to 13, who have been removed from the custody of their families and require 24-hour supervised treatment and care.

Children entering St. Catherine’s residential program display a variety of emotional and challenging behaviors. Many have a history of trauma, or have suffered from abuse or neglect. Children are accepted into St. Catherine’s residential program based on their need for intensive care in a therapeutic setting. Services include individual, group, and family therapy; psychiatric and psychological evaluation; emergency/crisis stabilization and assessment; and daily recreational activity planning. Permanency planning is a critical element of the program.

The permanency plan identifies obstacles and barriers to home placement, and establishes a treatment plan designed to help a child return to his or her home as soon as possible. When a return to a child’s home of origin becomes impossible, adoption or foster care placement are possible alternatives to residential care.

For all residential, group home, foster care and day treatment referrals or inquires please reach out to Centralized Intake Coordinator, Colleen Chera at 518-396-0981 or via e-mail at Cchera@st-cath.org.