Children thrive in safe and nurturing homes.  St. Catherine’s therapeutic foster care program serves special-needs children, from pre-school through teens, who require foster care in a therapeutic home setting.  Children in the program are identified and matched with trained foster families who provide a consistent, predictable and nurturing home environment to help a child learn and grow.  Professional foster parents receive extensive training and support services to help them meet their foster care commitment. Support includes, but is not limited to, respite, pre-placement training and education, ongoing training, peer support group meetings, participation in planning and implementation of the foster child's treatment plan, and availability of program staff 24 hours a day.

Want to learn more about foster parenting? Call our foster parent recruiting specialists at 518-453-6431,  e-mail fosterparents@st-cath.org, or watch this short video!

For all residential, group home, foster care and day treatment referrals or inquires please reach out to Centralized Intake Coordinator, Colleen Chera at 518-396-0981 or via e-mail at Cchera@st-cath.org.