The Children and Family Treatment and Support Services (CFTSS) program at St. Catherine’s Center for Children is a community-based mental health services program for ages 3 to 21. We provide clinical and rehabilitation support services aimed at preventing children who need on-going health or medical care from entering institutional care.

The goal of the program is to provide varying levels of individualized mental health services to stabilize a youth in their family and community. These services can take place in a variety of locations depending on the needs of the youth and family, including, at home, school or in a community setting. Once a youth is admitted, a comprehensive evaluation will be conducted to determine which medical services are most appropriate for the needs of the youth and family.


Services Provided

Counseling Services

A counseling service for individuals, family, or other groups – provided by a Licensed Behavioral Health Practitioner (LBHP) – aimed at teaching healthy and appropriate coping skills and effective techniques to manage mental health symptoms. We also provide psychoeducation around mental health symptoms. 

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Support Services

This service consists of rehabilitation interventions and individualized, collaborative, hands-on training to build developmentally appropriate skills in a variety of areas: personal independence, autonomy with managing mental health needs, daily living skills, communication skills, and developing deeper community connections. 

The youth will practice accessing these skills in natural environments through structured activities and interventions.

Community Psychiatric Supports and Treatment Services (CPST)

This service assists youth and family/caregivers to achieve stability and functional improvement in daily living, personal recovery, family and interpersonal relationships in school, and community integration. 

The youth will have the opportunity to practice these skills in a variety of settings through structured activities based on the identified needs of the youth and family.

Referral Process

A youth can be referred by a parent/guardian, provider, and/or a licensed professional.

How to Make a Referral:

  1. Complete the Community Referral Application Form, including as much detail as possible to allow St. Catherine’s Center for Children to contact the parents/caregivers and to verify Medicaid eligibility.
  2. Gather and include supporting documentation of diagnosis (if available).
  1. Referrals for HCBS services must be accompanied by the “Level of Care Eligibility Determination Letter”
  1. Send the completed application and consent by one of the following methods (be sure to include all pages in your submission):

By mail to:

Community Based Treatment and Support Services Program
40 North Main Avenue, Albany NY 12203

By secure e-mail to:

By fax to:

St. Catherine’s Center for Children

Community Based Treatment and Support Services Program
40 North Main Avenue, Albany NY 12203
(518) 453-6699

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