Home and Community-Based Programs

Children’s Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) are Medicaid services that can be provided at home or in the community–wherever children or youth and their families are most comfortable. Our Home and Community-Based Services make a number of services available to eligible youth and families based on client preference and need prior to enrollment. These services support youth who are at-risk of long-term hospitalization or residential care placement. By allowing youth to remain at home and in their communities, rather than placing them in restrictive residential or psychiatric care, we offer them a greater opportunity for success.


Our program provides individualized, one-on-one support that meets the needs of each child by highly trained Crisis Intervention Practitioners. Services include:

  • Community and day habilitation
  • Caregiver/family support & services
  • Community self-advocacy training and support
  • Pre-vocational services
  • Supported employment
  • Respite services (planned or crisis)
  • Palliative care services
  • Environmental modifications
  • Adaptive and assistive equipment
  • Accessibility modifications
  • Non-medical transportation


  • Youth up to the age of 21-years-old 
  • Enrolled in or eligible for Medicaid and HCBS in New York State
  • At-risk of being hospitalized or institutionalized
  • Has an eligible medical, developmental, or behavioral diagnosis 


Youth not yet enrolled in Medicaid but meeting HCBS eligibility criteria may enroll in Medicaid

*Enrollment in HCBS requires 1915c Children’s Waiver. 

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