Health Home Care Management

What is a Health Home?

St. Catherine’s Center for Children is a Health Home Care provider. A Health Home is not a place, but a care management service model in which all of an individual’s medical needs are addressed in a comprehensive manner that includes collaboration and communications with various caregivers. This is done primarily through a “Care Manager” who oversees and provides access to all of the services an individual needs to assure they receive everything necessary to stay healthy, out of the emergency room, and out of the hospital. 

How can a Care Manager help? A Care Manager may:

  • Talk with a family, and their child’s current health care providers, to determine what help and services that child may need and are not currently receiving
  • Become your key point of contact in managing a child’s medical services 
  • Set up services that will promote a child’s development and keep them happy and healthy
  • Help a family set up plans to prevent health emergencies (Hospitalizations, ER Visits)
  • Provide education and coaching to help you navigate the healthcare system
  • Assist in arranging transportation to and from medical appointments
  • Refer you to other community and social support service providers

Who is Eligible?

Youth up to 21-years-old, who have Medicaid (including children in foster care), with: 

  • Two or more chronic health conditions, or
  • One single qualifying condition, such as
  • Serious Emotional Disability
  • Complex Trauma


How do I access service?

Click below to refer a family to St. Catherine’s Center for Children’s Care Management Services, or to learn more about our program by e-mailing us today.

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