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The R&E May School 

St. Catherine’s R & E May School is an educational day treatment program that serves elementary school students who have special behavioral, emotional, and educational needs. Students entering R&E May are assessed to understand how best to meet their needs and the school staff develops an individual and comprehensive education plan tailored to meet their specific needs. The school works closely with the child's family, school district, and/or residential community to help each student to develop the skills, awareness and knowledge necessary to successfully return to a traditional school environment. Students at R&E May School learn and grow with the help of well-qualified and credentialed special education teachers, mental health professionals, social workers, case managers and clinicians. Students at R&E May receive personalized education in both traditional and non-traditional classroom settings. 

R&E May


30 North Main Avenue, Albany NY 12203


(518) 453-6710


Rock-Climbing Wall

The Rock Climbing Wall located in school gym, is an integral part of the school's Health and Wellness program. The climbing wall not only helps kids builds physical strength but it enhances emotional well-being, promoting confidence and self-esteem. The wall was donated through a gift provided by Virginia Touhey and Kathy Simmonds.


Science & Discovery Center

The Science and Discovery Center is dedicated to experiential learning that introduces young students to the fundamentals of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through hands-on learning. The Science and Discovery Center was funded through a generous gift from Charles and Helen Crisafulli.


Therapeutic Support Spaces

Therapeutic Support Spaces throughout the school allow students to immerse themselves in sensory experiences that optimize social and emotional regulation where they can rehearse adaptive skills before applying them in everyday settings. Each space has an engaging sensory menus of tactile fixtures and visual prompts that promote cognition and critical thinking skills that align with the specific theme of each room. 

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