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Kinship Care

New York State’s Office of Children and Family Services estimates that 130,000 children in New York live with a grandparent, an aunt or uncle, or other family member. Some even live with a close family friend. When a family member or close family friend assumes the responsibility of caring for a child, that relationship falls under Kinship Care. St. Catherine's Center for Children has launched a new program to support kinship caregivers in Albany, Schenectady, Greene and Ulster counties. The program aims to connect caregivers to a variety of community and public support services providing children, families and adults with the tools to navigate kinship relationships and tools to succeed. 

Kinship Care

Kingston Office:

53 Albany Ave. Kingston, NY 12401

Phone: (518) 817-8593

Albany Office:

40 North Main Ave.

Albany, NY 12203

Phone:  (518) 453-6700

Kinship Care Services

  • Advocacy & Supportive Care

  • Access to Resources & Programs 

  • Custody & Guardianship Guidance 

  • Participation Children's Activities 

  • Caregiver Respite Opportunities 

  • Peer Support Group Meetings

Kinship Care Podcast Series: Here Us Out

S1:E1 - Like a Virtual Family

S1:S2 - Kinship Caregivers in MTV's
"Teen Moms 2"

S1:E3 - Why Isn’t Kinship Care Talked About?

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