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Residential Program

Qualified Residential Treatment Program

St. Catherine's Residential Program provides an alternative housing arrangement for children who cannot live at home or who cannot live with their families. There are many circumstances wherein a child may benefit from intensive, therapeutic care provided by highly specialized, experienced, and certified residential care professionals. Creating a safe living environment for children who have suffered abuse, neglect or trauma is an essential element of St. Catherine's QRTP care. Permanency planning is also essential to St. Catherine's residential care. Upon intake, a child receives an individualized permanency plan that identifies obstacles and barriers keeping them from returning to their original home setting. The plan is designed to expedite the path to permanency, which includes kinship or foster care, and adoption. 

Image by Scott Webb

Services Offered

  • Individual, Group & Family Therapy 

  • Psychiatric, Psychological & Behavioral Evaluation

  • Crisis Assessment & Stabilization

  • Emergency Assistance 

  • Specialized Treatment 

  • 24/7 Intensive Care 

  • Permanency Planning 

  • Daily Recreational Activities

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