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St. Catherine’s Center for Children offers a comprehensive range of human services. We provide society's most vulnerable with supportive child and family care, community-based programs, and homeless services. It serves us all when members of a community have the support and stability in their lives to have hope for tomorrow. Our services are designed to address those needs in our children, families, and adults that we all have for human connection, security and safety, dignity and respect, and to feel part of something greater than our circumstances. This is part of a philosophy that St. Catherine's has embraced of 'unconditional community,' wherein no one is left out because of where they live, their conditions, or their current and on-going situations.

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Child Services

Our Child and Family Services are focused on addressing the  hardships and challenges children who have been abused and neglected often face.


Family Services

Our Community-Based Programs are designed to equip at-risk families and individuals with the tools and resources needed to maintain healthy, functional, positive home environments and lifestyles.

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Homeless Services

Homeless Services offer shelter and supportive care options for homeless families and individuals, and those who are at risk of becoming homeless.

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