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Bringing Special Meaning to Someone's Life

St. Catherine’s Center for Children relies on support from the friends and donors to supplement public funding. Private, charitable donations from individuals, businesses, corporations, and foundations support special activities and opportunities, including camp, summer outings and educational trips, that bring special meaning to the life of a child.  Our donors help support activities that give a child happy memories that will last a lifetime.


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Creating Hope For Tomorrow

Hope for Tomorrow. That is what your support gives to children and families at St. Catherine’s Center for Children. Through the years, your gifts have met the needs of thousands of people at St. Catherine’s Center for Children who have faced the trauma of homelessness, mental illness, abuse and neglect. You have given them hope. Hope lives forever.

Take a look at the gallery below to see the incredible impact of our gracious friends and donors supporting our programs! 

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Sweet Cases

Stephanie & Grace Lazzari

Grace Lazzari created and sold bracelets to raise funds to benefit children entering the foster care system. Partnering with Together We Rise, Grace donated 20 Sweet Cases to children we serve here at St. Catherine's. 

Entering foster care is a traumatic experience for a child. Together We Rise strives to provide unique Sweet Cases that contain a blanket, stuffed animal, and other relaxing items to bring comfort to a child transitioning during this difficult time.